Best Friend Standard Grazing Muzzle

$85.00 (incl. GST & free delivery in NZ)


The Mini-mini Best Friend Standard Grazing Muzzle is recommended for miniature horses (less than 8.5hh, also known as a Category “A” pony).  When ordering, the size required will be “mini-mini”.  We also have this “standard” grazing muzzle available in pony size. Best Friend standard muzzles do not come with a breakaway halter.


  • Simply attaches onto your pony’s own halter using 4 adjustable Velcro straps.
  • Limits grazing, not drinking.
  • Lightweight to resist rubbing and chafing.
  • Padded noseband.
  • Nylon/rubber construction.
  • Resistant to rot and mildew..
  • Best Friend sheepskin noseband and cheek covers, purchased separately, may be easily attached for added comfort.

How to use:

To attach the muzzle to the halter, loop the four straps over the noseband and chinstrap of the halter. The two side straps may be looped through the halter rings for added stability.
The four Velcro straps are designed to break away should the muzzle become snagged. Remember to leave the metal rings in the down position to allow the muzzle to breakaway. To disable the breakaway feature, slide the metal rings up over the Velcro straps.

If using a grazing muzzle for the first time, we suggest you read the  FAQs section for helpful tips.

Available in Mini-mini and Pony sizes.

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