Fly Mask for Horses – that really works!

$35.00 (incl. GST & free delivery in NZ)


A Fly Mask That Really Works!!

These fly masks are an effective and kind way to keep flies and other insects, off a horses face and out of their ears.

The Bug Off Fly Mask has flexible stays to keep the mask off the face.  The ear covers stand up on their own and have soft material against the back of the ears that absorbs and disperses sweat.

A very fine mesh that gives the shield more body to hold its shape which prevents even the smallest insects from entering while offering excellent visibility for the horse.

Quality, short nap fleece around the perimeter is debris resistant, creating a barrier to keep insects out and provide comfort to the horse.  The closure is elastic with Velcro tabs for a perfect, stay-put fit.

Available in Pony, Horse and Large Horse sizes.

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Large horse, Horse, Pony


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