Mud Fever Balm and Sunblock

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 Fix-it Cream SPF25 from HorsePlay is your new tack box essential – all year round!    Providing chemical-free sun protection in an antimicrobial and moisturising base, this general-purpose cream is your new “go to” general purpose fix-it cream, summer & winter.

Over winter, we all know how difficult and distressing mud fever and rain scald can be.

Fix-it Cream SPF25 effectively softens and removes the scabs associated with mud fever while it acts a s a barrier cream to  help to protect the skin while it heals .  Aloe vera and Vitamin E soothe and help to heal the affected area.

Apply Fix-it Cream SPF25 to delicate white noses and ears, white socks and the bulbs of the hoof, to help prevent sunburn.  Fix it Cream SPF25 stays put much longer than most other sunscreens, even with grazing.

All year round, Fix-it Cream SPF25 is the perfect balm to soothe and help heal minor cuts and grazes.

This exciting new cream has no chemical sunscreens, no PABA, no synthetic fragrance.  Contains zinc, aloe vera and Vitamin E.  Waterproof.  Complies with AS/NZS 2604:2012 SPF testing.

$40 for a 250g tub – including GST and free delivery in New Zealand!.

Buy now – you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

How to Use:

Mud Fever:  Apply liberally to mud fever scabs and massage in gently.  Leave for 24 hours then gently remove softened scabs.  Repeat daily as necessary.

Apply daily to help treat rain scald.

If swelling or inflammation is present, a vet consultation is recommended in case of a secondary bacterial infection.

Sun Protection:  Apply liberally and rub in well to sun-exposed areas.  Repeat as necessary.  Additional sun protection (nose/ear guards) and the provision of shade are also recommended.

Fix-it Cream SPF25- for mudfever, minor scratches and grazes and sun protection-all in one!


Exciting new Mud fever Treatment & Sunblock