Sheepskin Muzzle set for standard grazing muzzle

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Real Merino Sheepskin protects your horse’s face during long hours in a muzzle. It provides insulation from both winter chill and summer heat and absorbs moisture. Designed for use with our grazing and cribbing muzzles.
For Standard Style Muzzles.
Some customers like to use the Deluxe noseband liner to cover both the noseband of the halter and the noseband of the muzzle at the same time.

4-Piece Standard Grazing Muzzle Set

  • Notched noseband that attaches to the halter noseband (The notch allows for the strap from the muzzle to the halter.)
  • Two cheek pieces which attach with hook and loop
  • Crown piece tube which slides over the leather halter crown piece
  • Designed for horse and cob sizes.

To Clean: Periodically brush the wool pile to clean. Machine or hand wash with mild soap and cool water. Air dry.


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