Ultimate OE Series 3 Equestrian Event Watch from Optimum Time


The Optimum Time OE Series 3 Equestrian Event Watch (390 Range) is the next progression from the 380 Range with all the popular features of that very successful model and now with some new developments.

The big leap forward with the Optimum Time OE Series 3 Equestrian Event Watch is the programmable count up. You program in the course time, press start and the timer will count-up towards that time while giving a beep to signal each minute passing before moving into final 30-second warning beep sequence.

The 390 Range has an elasticated strap that can be worn directly on the wrist or stretched to be positioned over the jacket sleeve to suit your preference.

Event Watch  - Features:

  • Large 65-mm overall ABS case
  • 38 x 20 mm display size
  • Very big 16-mm digit height
  • Single-row display
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Elasticated strap for wrist or over-sleeve wearing
  • Water resistant to 5 ATM
  • Shock-resistant construction
  • Normal timekeeping mode (12 or 24 hr)

Specialist Eventing Timer Functions

  • Count down from programmable time with alarm at zero
  • Last 30 secs warning alarm sequence
  • Minute alarm on each full minute remaining
  • Count up to programmable time with alarm
  • Minute alarm every full minute elapsed on Count up
  • Alarm sounds can be turned off

A must have for all equestrians! Perfect for pony club, cross country, and time trials.


Ultimate OE Series 3 Equestrian Event Watch from Optimum Time


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