Fleece Noseband Sleeve for Best Friend Have-a-Heart Grazing Muzzles

$18.00 (incl. GST & free delivery in NZ)


Best Friend Have-a-Heart Grazing Muzzles https://horseplay.nz/product/best-friend-have-a-heart-grazing-muzzle/ are an effective way to manage your horses weight and reduce the likelihood of obesity, laminitis and founder.

If your horse needs to wear a muzzle for long periods or has a sensitive nose, improve the comfort of the Muzzle by attaching these two fleece noseband sleeves to the Best Friend Have-a-Heart grazing muzzle to the muzzle to protect the delicate area of the horses’ nose.

The protective fleece is attached to a synthetic backing to reduce bulk.

To Clean: Periodically brush the wool pile to clean.  Machine or hand wash with mild soap and cool water.  Air dry.