Best Friend Muzzles

Best Friend Muzzles

Since 1996, Best Friend® Grazing Muzzles have been recommended by hundreds of vets, equine professionals, respected publications and horse owners. Our horse muzzles have improved the lives of many horses (and owners) by allowing them to be horses and graze with their buddies rather than being confined to a stall.  Best Friend® Grazing Muzzles are the most effective, most comfortable, safest and most durable horse muzzles on the market today.

In addition to the grazing muzzle, we also offer a lightweight Cribbing Muzzle and a Soft Stall Muzzle. All our horse muzzles are available in a wide selection of sizes.  We also offer the accessories to go with the muzzles such as Muzzle Mates, Cheek Savers, custom designed sheepskin padding, and replacement buckles and inserts.

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